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Woody Johnson Comments on Leon Washington Situation

Team owner Woody Johnson took some time out to talk about the negotiations with Leon Washington on a new contract.

Jets owner Woody Johnson didn't definitely say that the organization would get a new contract for Leon Washington before the start of the regular season. Washington, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, is seeking around $6 million per season.

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, Washington will be a restricted free agent next season, which means that the team could sign him to a much cheaper qualifying offer. But Johnson said he remained hopeful that an agreement could be reached.

"We're showing him love," Johnson said after the Jets' Green & White scrimmage. "We can only do what we can do. Unfortunately, the year we're in is one of those weird anomalies that happens every 20 years. But we love Leon. Leon's a great player. He's one of our best players. We're trying our hardest to get something (done)... Until it happens, it hasn't happened."


There's no reason for Woody to make any promises about getting something done by Week 1. If there is a new contract, he'll get plenty of credit either way. If there isn't, he'll take even more abuse for failing to meet a self-imposed goal.

While it is good to hear the team takes the situation seriously, I don't really get what he's saying about the CBA holding up the talks. No matter what the rules are, Washington is one of the top players on the roster. The team will eventually have to give him a long term contract. Why not just work something out now instead of creating ill will and mistrust by dragging this out?