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Bringing you all of the day's developments from Cortland, it's Smartline. Here's your host, Kent Brockman.

Green Machine: Rex promises lots of tackling
Scrimmages will be full contact. Good call by Rex. The only way to get players into game shape is to put them in game like conditions. The players need to get used to contact. They are world class athletes. This is going to help their conditioning, not wear them down. I wasn't a huge Mangini guy, but running a hard camp was one thing he got right. I never want to see anything resembling Club Herm (the easy camps Herm Edwards ran) again.

Douglas Still in the Tall Grass Ready to Pounce : New York Jets News
Marques Douglas is going to be a key player in the defensive end rotation, but his experience in Ryan's system might be just as important. He's been a valuable resource for Kris Jenkins and Shaun Ellis learning the scheme. Don't overlook how much having a former Ryan player at every level of the defense (Douglas on the line, Bart Scott at linebacker, and Jim Leonhard in the secondary) will help the transition. These guys are basically like extra coaches.

Video: NY Jets coach praises the ability of tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson -
I know Rex is prone to hyperbole (Eric Smith is Ed Reed), but his comments on D'Brickashaw Ferguson are worth listening to.

Coleman Picks His Spot for 'Redemption'
Drew Coleman made an impact at practice today. He has his work cut out for him to make the team. The Jets have decent corner back, and Coleman hasn't really shown that he's an NFL caliber corner in his three seasons.