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Quarterback Battle Is Even

per Mark Cannizzaro:

Rex Ryan said today that, through six days of training camp practices, the quarterback competition is at a relative standstill.

"A lot hasn't changed (at the moment),'' Ryan said. "(Kellen) Clemens has a better grasp of the system. They've both have had their moments and both have had moments where you're like, 'What are they doing?'

"We'll start to see a little more as we scrimmage,'' Ryan said. "We'll find out in the end. You want to find out as soon as possible so you have a good feel of who's going to be the guy and he's taking the reps. But we're not there yet.''


If all things are equal, something tells me the $28 million newly minted face of the franchise gets the nod. No advantage means advantage Sanchez.