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Selling on Receivers

One talent evaluator told Rich Cimini he's underwhelmed by what the Jets have to offer at wide receiver.

One of the hot topics here in Cortland (other than the food at Doug's Fish Fry) is the Jets' wide-receiver situation. I was talking to someone with a keen knowledge of NFL personnel and he believes the lack of a playmaking wideout will make it almost impossible for the young quarterback (whether it's Kellen Clemens or Mark Sanchez) to succeed.

I'm not going to sit here and say the receiver position is in great shape right now, but I tend to disagree with this analysis. Quarterbacks make receivers just as much as receivers make quarterbacks. What the Jets can give Sanchez is a potentially dominant running game that will force plenty of eight man fronts. That will make his life easier and open up lanes for those receivers. The Jets will also be able to give him a great safety blanket, Dustin Keller.

Things could be better, but if Sanchez is as good as the team is expecting, he'll find a way to persevere. I've heard of some quarterbacks who end up as busts because their team lacks a running game and asks for too much too soon. I've heard of quarterbacks who end up as busts because of bad offensive lines that ruin their mechanics and confidence. I haven't heard of many quarterbacks who end up as busts because their receivers aren't good enough. Any quarterback worth his weight will find a way to succeed and find throwing lanes where they exist.

Was Andre Johnson enough to save David Carr? Why couldn't Calvin Johnson help Daunte Culpepper resurrect his career? Was a lousy receiving corps enough to derail Donovan McNabb? Does anybody think Jay Cutler won't get numbers in Chicago this year?