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Bringing you all of the day's developments from Cortland, it's Smartline. Here's your host, Kent Brockman.

Sanchez takes first-team snaps - Jets Blog
Mark Sanchez got some work with the first team. I have to say I like the way the Jets have handled their quarterback situation. The rookie has had to work his way up.

Green Machine: Richardson injures hip
Tony Richardson got nicked up. The 37 year old should get as much time as he needs to get healthy. The Jets cannot replace the best lead blocker in football.

Brown Tackles TE as He Fights Through Tragedy : New York Jets News
Kareem Brown is dealing with a tragedy.

Rutgers product Kevin Brock hopes to impress at NY Jets training camp -
The Jets are the land of opportunity this season. While most of the starting spots are filled with quality players, there's very little in the way of proven depth. Guys like Kevin Brock will never have a better chance to stick on an NFL roster.

Slideshow: Day 5 of NY Jets training camp -
Pictures of the day that was.