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Bringing you all of the day's developments from Cortland, it's Smartline. Here's your host, Kent Brockman.

Sanchez on Fight Camp | Jets Journal
Mark Sanchez spoke about the fights today. Although on the field work is much more important, it's nice to hear the franchise quarterback sound so polished. He by nature needs to develop into a strong locker room voice.

Rutgers product Jamaal Westerman opening eyes at NY Jets camp -
Jamaal Westerman continues to impress. I can't wait to see what Rex can do with a guy versatile enough to play inside linebacker and stick his hand down to rush the passer. Rex can stick this guy all over the field and confuse the heck out of blocking assignments if Westerman is half as good as advertised.

Jets Waive Owens - NY Daily News
The Jets waived tight end Richard Owens. The veteran's strong suit was blocking. So much for him taking the role of in line blocker at the position. Maybe Kareem Brown is impressing people. At defensive end, Brown's job was to hold the point of attack, similar to what a blocking tight end has to do. Anything he could add as a receiver would be a bonus.

Contract talks between NY Jets and Leon Washington are still ongoing -
In good news, talks are still ongoing between the team and Leon Washington. That's at least better than nothing going on right now.

Packers recover pick - JSOnline
The Jets gave back the seventh round pick they got in the Favre trade. That deal just keeps looking better and better.