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Kellen Clemens Wins Monday Morning

Kellen Clemens was lighting it up on Monday morning, while Mark Sanchez spent most of his time watching.

QB Kellen Clemens enjoyed his best practice of the summer. He completed eight of nine passes, including a 51-yard TD to TE Dustin Keller. The scoring pass was actually an easy throw because Keller was wide open because of a busted coverage.

Clemens really shined in a two-minute drill at the end of practice, when he competed five straight passes. He hit Brad Smith. Leon Washington on a screen. Keller. Washington again. Jerricho Cotchery for 24 yards on the sideline (great catch by Cothcery over CB Lito Sheppard). Washington for 24 on a gorgeous corner route. He drove the offense to the 10-yard line.

He did throw an interception later, but this is an encouraging sign. I know a lot of you want Mark Sanchez to be the starter. We call all agree, though, that the best thing in the world for Mark is healthy competition. If Clemens plays well, it will drive Sanchez to raise his game. He ends up a better player as a result. This would be a whole lot better than Sanchez winning a mediocrity contest.