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Fights Break Out

Tempers are flaring in Cortland.

Bodies, fists and legs were flying as Jets practice Monday morning quickly morphed into a MMA street fight.

Thomas Jones and James Ihedigbo were involved in the first major scuffle of camp. Jones took exception to Ihedigbo's hit after a carry to the right side. Jones immediately took a couple swings at Ihedigbo before a swarm of players turned it into a full blown donnybrook.

Minutes later, defensive tackle Howard Green threw fullback Brock Christopher to the ground to incite another skirmish. Even Vernon Gholston, criticized for his lack of fire, tried to kick someone.

The third fight occurred when Nevin McCaskill and defensive back Ahmad Carroll get into it. To break the tension at the end of the fight, Darrelle Revis clowned around by jumping on the pile.

Three fights in 15 minutes. Things are heating up at Camp Ryan.

This kind of thing gets me a little worried. Football's a game of aggression so it's good to see stuff like this on one level. On the other hand, I don't like to see this happen too often. Tempers are going to flare every now and then, but it's very important to keep your cool. You don't want to get into a habit like this and cost your team 15 yards in a big game. I also don't like seeing these guys go at each other too much. The opponents should be your enemies, not your teammates.