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Simms: Let Sanchez Air It Out

Phil Simms of CBS Sports thinks the Jets need to let Mark Sanchez throw the ball more on Saturday.

"It's two games and he's only made 12 throws," Simms said. "After two games, in my opinion, he should have 40. In this game, he should get 30 throws minimum. He's going to be the starter . . .

"He needs reps. It doesn't have to be throwing the ball down the field. Even if it's just handing the ball off and throwing screens, he needs to be in there."

I couldn't agree more. I understand why the Jets have been cautious. The offensive line has not been in place because of injuries. This is Sanchez's time, though. Starters usually sit most of the fourth preseason game to rest. This is his last chance to get really comfortable running the offense and working with his supporting cast before it starts for real in Houston. We know Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are good. Let's give Sanchez as many reps as possible to get him comfortable for the regular season.