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Reasons to Pass on Brandon Marshall

Our friends at Holy Joe Namath do not want Brandon Marshall, and they say as much in no uncertain terms.

In addition to his domestic disturbances and altercations with the law, this guy has a ton of issues on and off the field, and now, it’s worse. Check out this video from in which Brandon Marshall acts horrible during practice. The video shows him walking while the team down stretching drills, drop kicking a ball instead of giving it to a ball boy and in a pass catching drill he simply slams the ball to the ground.

If you watch this video and still want him, you may want to search "Pac Man Jones Videos" because you’ll like him too. After all of this, Brandon Marshall was not at practice today. This guy is a punk and a detriment to any team he plays for.

I've noticed a lot of fans want Marshall with no questions asked. I understand why. He would give the Jets the number one receiver they lack and immediately turn the receiving corps from a perceived weakness into a strength. The team definitely wants to give Mark Sanchez adequate weapons.

There's a reason Marshall is available even though he has been very productive. Part of it is his team's desire it seems to dump every talented player off its roster. A bigger part of it is that Marshall is a terrible teammate who can't stay out of trouble off the field. Would you really want to give up a big trade package and a big contract and bet a guy like this won't cause a problem with the New York media or in the city's night life?

I see compelling cases from both sides, but I don't think it's a slam dunk the Jets should try and make a trade. If I'm giving up a package for an elite receiver, I want it to be a Larry Fitzgerald who is a lock to justify his contract as long as he stays healthy.