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First four games could be the key to the Jets season

With a 1st time head coach, to go along with all the uncertainty attached to a rookie QB, especially one with only one season as a starter in college, and with the 1st game suspension of Shawn Ellis and the four game suspension of LB Calvin Pace, just how well the Jets play coming out of the shoot in their first four games of the season could very well tell the fortunes of just how well their entire season may go.

Here's a look at the Jets first eight games of the 2009 season:




@New Orleans





There are certainly no gimmees in the first five weeks.  The Jets should be able to register wins against BUFFALO and @ Oakland and do no worse then a split with Miami.  That's three wins.  It's what the Jets do in their first four games that may tell us exactly what kind of season we can expect.

An 0-4 start is a possibility but I don't expect that to happen.  I believe that the Jets should be able to do enough on defense & special teams along with a solid running attack to get at least one and probably two wins in their 1st four games.  Where those wins and losses will come is anybody's guess! 

Will Brady be close to 100%?  Will the drubbing the Jets laid on the Titans in Tennessee last year play into this seasons game at home?  Can the Saints play enough defense to match a potent offense?  Which Texans team will the Jets face, last years early season train wreck or the late season juggernaut the Texans were down the stretch?

If the Jets stay relatively healthy a 4-4 start is the most probable scenario but either a 3-5 or a 5-3 start are distinct possibilities. One thing is certain, things could get bumby early on.