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A possible good fit for the Jets at WR

Due to a glut at the WR position the Eagles are said to

possibly be interested in moving WR Reggie Brown to

help clear a roster spot.


The 28 year old Brown is 6-1 200lbs and is entering his

fifth season in the NFL and has been a steady player for

most of his career in Philly.  In his rookie 2005 season

Brown played in all 16 games and caught 43 balls good

for 571 yds and 4 TD's.


In 2006 Brown became a deep threat in the Philly offense

catching 46 passes for 816 yards, a 17.7YPC average to

go along with 8 TD's.  In 2007 Brown caught 61 balls for

780 yards and 4 TD's.  Last season Brown saw his playing

time decreased and played in only 10 games, catching just

18 passes for 254 yds and one TD.


Brown would certainly fit into the Jets WR rotation and has

the ability and speed to possibly be a decent #2 WR.  He is

young and would not cost the Jets much either in terms of

compensation or in salary.  At worst Brown could become a

hold the fort type player until the Jets can properly address

their WR position next season and would provide a valuable

insurance policy just in case this current group of Clowney,

Wright, Stuckey, Smith and Henry cannot produce a #2 type

WR to play alongside Cotchery.


He isn't the player Marshall is but he's also not as big of a risk

in terms of overall compensation and cost.  If he can be gotten

for a conditional or lower round draft pick he's probably worth

taking a look see.


The more bullets in the chamber the better the chances are of

hitting the target when you take aim and shoot.