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Non Quarterback Thoughts From Monday

-This pass rush could be a real strength for once. It seemed like Joe Flacco was getting hurried or hit every time he dropped back. Baltimore has an talented offensive line. That unit is probably better equipped than any in the league to handle Rex Ryan's blitzing schemes. It faced them in practice every day for four years. The Jets' front seven still seemed to baffle them, and this was without the offense having to deal with Kris Jenkins up front. Joe Flacco was only 8 of 18 and averaged less than 7 yards per attempt because the Jets always put someone in his face. It's funny because the talking points seemed to be how great Baltimore was throwing the football. Sure, they hit a few big plays, but they also had a two to one throwing to running ratio with their first team offense. They were bound to hit a few passes.

-The men up front on offense also did nice work. Leon Washington had 8 carries for 48 yards, while Thomas Jones had 8 for 32. They combined for four carries of over 10 because they had so much room to run. After a year playing together, the offensive line looks like it's going to be even better in 2009.

-Having this kind of running game and Washington as a receiver out of the backfield is going to make life much easier for Sanchez. The drive that salvaged Mark's night was made possible by Washington's run on a third down dump off and getting open for the touchdown reception. Can you say security blanket?

-I think I want David Clowney starting at receiver. He cemented his status as the Jerry Rice of preseason with a 28 yard touchdown catch. Give him playing time working the deep routes. It will keep safeties from creeping up to play the run and make life easier for Cotchery, Stuckey, Keller, and Washington to get open underneath. None of the other main contenders can do that.

-Nice bounce back game from Dwight Lowery. He was solid in coverage, did nice work in run support, and even forced a fumble on special teams. Don't give up on him yet.

-Not impressed by Britt Davis. He dropped a touchdown pass and then ran backwards after making a reception. He was trying to get to the corner, but he ended up losing a first down because of it. The coaching staff may love him in practice, but this didn't look too good. He sure looked quick with the football in his hands, though.

-I really don't think Erik Ainge will ever be anything more than a third string quarterback. He doesn't have NFL arm strength. If you can't make all the throws, you'd better have pinpoint accuracy to get it to receivers. Chad Pennington Ainge is not.

-Danny Woodhead shows a lot of heart with a hard running style, but he averaged under 3 yards a carry. I hate to say it, but I don't see how he makes the team. He's struggled to read his blocks and doesn't look strong enough to break tackles.