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New York Jets Will Use Three Backs Like Baltimore

M.A. Mehta draws a comparison between the ground games of the Jets and Ravens.

The blueprint comes without written instructions, false promises or sure-fire measures to keep everyone's blood pressure from boiling. The script is unscripted, the plan is fluid, and no matter how many times you think you finally have it figured out, you don't.

Jets coach Rex Ryan freely admits he'll steal the plan for his own selfish needs.

The Baltimore Ravens ploughed their way to the AFC Championship Game last season with another dimension of the running back by committee approach that has altered the NFL landscape in recent years.


The Ravens' trio of former Rutgers star Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and Le'Ron McClain combined for 509 carries and 2,027 yards to help Baltimore finish with the league's No. 4 rushing offense (148.5 ypg) last season.

Unlike the Giants' "Earth, Wind and Fire" backfield that featured bruiser Brandon Jacobs, mixed in Derrick Ward and used Ahmad Bradshaw for mop-up duty, Cameron doesn't limit his guys to specific roles. Rice, McGahee and even the 260-pound McClain play a part in the passing game.


Interesting connection and good work by the writer. We've been hearing about the ways Ryan has built the Jets on the Ravens model in a number of ways from the rookie quarterback to defensive schemes to all of the imports from Baltimore. This one has slipped under the radar.

The Jets' backfield rotation will have more defined roles like the Giants'. Thomas Jones will be the number one guy. Shonn Greene will be the power back whose job is to get tough yards between the tackles, and Leon Washington will be the featured receiver and outside runner.