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Aundrae Allison Impressing

A receiver the Jets recently picked up from Brett Favre's new team has caught Rex Ryan's eye.

"Have you seen anything from Aundrae Allison, the guy they recently picked up from Minnesota?"

I'll let Rex Ryan take this one: "The kid (Aundrae Allison) that we picked up from Minnesota, I always call him '88 and out the gate.' He can fly. I'm just waiting for them to throw him a ball over there. I'm like, 'You know he's open? 88 is open again.' So, I'm just waiting for our quarterbacks to realize that. We'll see what he can do. He's been impressive a little bit too."

It's going to be tough for Allison to make the team. The Jets already have a vertical threat, David Clowney, who had a big preseason debut. The real question is what Allison can contribute on special teams. There is a glut of returners on the roster so he'll probably need to stick out on coverage teams to stick.