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Darrelle Revis Out Against Baltimore

After going a bit too hard in practice yesterday, the Jets annouced Darrelle Revis will be out of the lineup against the Ravens on Monday.

Revis, anxious to return to action, inserted himself without the coaches' knowledge. He lasted one series before the coaches told him to take his pads off and take it easy.

"He put himself in a couple of team snaps and he wasn't supposed to be in there," coach Rex Ryan said.

"That was him pronouncing himself ready to go. That's good that these players want to come back, but we can't have a foolish setback."

Smart move. The Jets start their season facing Andre Johnson and Randy Moss in the first two games. It's wise to give Revis extra time to make sure he's ready. Ideally he'd be practicing, but he'll be fine either way. He missed a chunk of camp holding out as a rookie in 2007 and immediately played high caliber football once he joined the team.

All the better chance to get Dwight Lowery another look.