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Dwight Lowery Is a Good Friend

The Post has an eye opening story on Dwight Lowery today.

Indeed, the second-year cornerback's mind was some 3,000 miles away, in San Francisco, where one of his best friends was about to be deported to Mexico.

In the hours before leaving the team hotel for the game Friday, Lowery got word that his friend had been arrested for trespassing at a Giants baseball game and was going to be deported to Mexico unless he received bail money.

"Right before I'm about to leave the team hotel, I wired money, and I get to the stadium and go out and warm up and I'm constantly checking my cell phone to see if it went through," Lowery said.

So Lowery went into the game distracted, not knowing whether the money he wired to San Francisco got to the authorities by the 6 p.m. EDT deadline before his friend would be deported.

After the game, when he got to the locker room, he got word that his money got there in time and his friend averted deportation.


I take two things from this. First is that Lowery is a great friend. We can't say what his friend did. He will have his day in court for that. No matter what, Dwight came through in his time of need. I like seeing stuff like this. You hope the guys you root for are really good people. It makes you pull for Lowery that much harder.

I also am now less concerned over his poor outing in the preseason opener. I think he should get a pass. Clearly his mind was elsewhere.

Please avoid discussing on the politics of immigration in comments.