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Mark Sanchez Shines

Our friends at Holy Joe Namath say Mark Sanchez looked excellent at the morning practice today.

On a cold, rainy day in Cortland, Mark Sanchez found himself with the first team more than usual. The move was probably prompted by Kellen Clemens looking like a turnover machine the past couple days, which continued in practice today. Maybe he learned a little too much from Brett Favre last season? While Clemens sat back and missed reads, overthrew receivers and continued to turn the ball over, Mark Sanchez lit it up in 9 on 9 drills with several touchdown passes and more importantly, no turnovers.

Great, great news. Nothing better can happen in this camp than Sanchez showing he's up to the task of handling the speed and complexity of NFL defenses. Rex isn't going easy on him. He wants to install a swagger in his new defense. If Sanchez can consistently handle the complicated looks of a Rex Ryan defense, he can handle anything. You also have to love him doing so well in the elements. It's important to play well in bad weather. There's plenty in the Meadowlands. There wasn't much at USC. A few more days of Sanchez handling all of this adversity this well, and it will be time to get excited.