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A Difference Between Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini

I'd like to go back to yesterday's Rex Ryan press conference to dwell on something he said about Jim Leonhard.

He disguises coverages about as well as almost anyone outside of Ed Reed in this league. We were playing a Cover-2 over there and he’s all the way behind the numbers, so there’s no way he’s going to get to the middle of the field. Sure enough, by the time [Clemens] sees his route get open, there’s Leonhard. He’s that kind of guy.

Eric Mangini's 3-4 was largely read and react. In most instances, opposing teams saw the same fronts. It was a matter of execution. The Jets will do more to disguise their blitzing schemes and coverages under Ryan. That can only make the defense more effective. It forces the offense to account for more possibilities.

I'm looking forward in particular to seeing what the safeties can do. Leonhard we know is excellent at creating deception. I'm sure Kerry Rhodes will relish the chance to fly all over the field and make plays. He'll have extra freedom because Leonhard is taking over the defensive calls. Kerry can just worry about himself now.