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New York Jets Practice Wildcat Formation

Hutchinson says the Jets are working on the Wildcat.

Thus far, most of the morning practice has been devoted to the "Wildcat" formation, with Leon Washington taking snaps with the first team and Brad Smith directing the second team. The Jets almost exclusively ran from the formation.

It's easy to forget this, but the Jets actually ran the Wildcat back in 2007 before the Dolphins brought it into the mainstream.

Brad Smith primarily took the snaps when the Jets showed the formation in 2008, but I like Leon better back there. I know Smith played quarterback in college, but it's primarily a running formation. Washington is much more explosive with the football. It we see throws out of the Wildcat, I'm not so sure Smith has the edge anyway. At the risk of being blunt, it's been tough to tell he was a college quarterback when he's made throws in the NFL.

Even when he's made big plays lining up at quarterback in the preseason and at New England in 2007, it's been because he's been able to make something happen on broken plays. Brad hasn't been great reading blocks, breaking tackles, or putting the ball in the air, which the structure of this formation requires.