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J'Nathan Bullock Waived

The Jets have waived J'Nathan Bullock. Bullock didn't play college football. He was a basketball star at Cleveland State trying to stick as a tight end.

J'Nathan Bullock's football career hit its first road block. The former Cleveland State basketball player, trying to make it as a tight end, was waived today. He had been struggling, as expected, and he had a bad drop in the morning practice.

Bullock is extremely athletic, but this was always a long shot. Antonio Gates went from college basketball star to matchup nightmare as a tight end, but it's tough to develop football skills after not playing the game. Gates is an exception.

This was certainly worth a try. It didn't cost the Jets anything. I love the thought of having a second quick athletic tight end. If teams can't match up with Dustin Keller, how will they fare with two Keller's on the field at once? The Jets just have to look elsewhere to find that guy.