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Opening Thoughts

Preseason games don't mean a ton. Don't get too upset over the loss. Every year teams go undefeated in the preseason and stink in the regular season. It's mostly backups playing, and nobody is really gameplanning to stop what the opposition does well. There are some indicators of the bigger picture, though. Here's what I took from the game.

  • The starting quarterback debate may be over. Mark Sanchez's only drive was a 93 yard one for a touchdown. He hit David Clowney on a 50 yard pass and was 3 for 4 for 88 yards overall. Does this mean Sanchez will come in and play like John Elway right off the bat? Anybody who saw Kellen Clemens in the 2007 preseason or Brett Ratliff in 2008 probably knows how little preseason stats mean. What this does tell us is Sanchez has a grasp of the offense, a comfort level leading the huddle, and is starting to get on the same page as his receivers. You'd think this will be enough to win the starting job.
  • I would have liked to see a little more of Sanchez. I get the injury risk, but I think teams are too worried about that. Get the rookie as many reps with his new teammates in a game situation as possible so everybody can get more comfortable with each other.
  • David Clowney is going to have a role with the team this season. I'm not sure he'll be the starter, but his ability to stretch the field is going to be a valuable commodity. Add another preseason moment to the highlight reel. Teams will know they have to account for him.
  • Three sacks against the first team Rams offense. The Jets don't have a ton of great pass rushers, but in football more than any other design can compensate for a lack of ability.
  • Vernon Gholston showed little. For a guy who should be motivated, you'd think he would have been flying all over the field making plays.The Jets are putting too many of their eggs in his basket to see too many more performances like this.
  • Not a good showing by Danny Woodhead, who rushed for 5 yards on 6 carries. Woodhead's going to have to do something to stand out for the team to keep a fourth back. He wasn't great on kickoff returns either. Sadly, he kind of looked like the guy who is too small to break tackles.
  • Kareem Brown had a pair of receptions at tight end. It was garbage time against St. Louis' scrubs, but it still shows he's adjusting and developing the skill set to play his new position.
  • Not impressed by Erik Ainge. He looked like he had all the arm strength of the old number 10 with little of the poise or accuracy. I remember some people a year ago saying Flacco and Ryan were overhyped, and Ainge was the best quarterback of the 2008 class. I think those people have gone into hiding.