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What I'd Like to See in Tonight's Preseason Opener

  • This is not going to be much of a test of Mark Sanchez's capabilities. Defenses are usually bland in preseason so teams don't put anything on film for regular season opponents. It's also not clear how long starters will work. Still, there are a few things we can take from Sanchez tonight. I would like to see that he has a firm grasp of the offense, has confidence running the huddle, and has developed chemistry with his receivers.
  • I'd like Vernon Gholston to show something. A sack. Whipping a lineman on a play. Anything that shows he might make good on his promise this season.
  • I want the offensive line to hold up with three starters out and at least put to rest some of our fears about the lack of depth.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing what Jamaal Westerman can do. I've been hearing all about him during camp. I can't wait to see him line up all over the place at end, outside linebacker, and inside linebacker.
  • It will be interesting to finally see what the punters can do. I'm pulling for T.J. Conley to beat out Reggie Hodges. Conley's younger and has a lot of potential. He was one of the NCAA's best punters last season. Hodges was inconsistent as a Jet in 2008.
  • Most importantly, I want no injuries. Championships cannot be won in preseason games, but they can be lost if key players get hurt.