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Rex Scoffs at Thomas Jones Trade Rumors

Rex Ryan laughed at rumors the Jets are shopping Thomas Jones yesterday.

"I promise you, that is ridiculous," he said after Wednesday night's practice at Hofstra. "Shoot, I'm not going to trade that. You know what I'm all about. This guy is huge in our plans. I'm not going to trade the running back that led the AFC in rushing. We ain't dealing him. No way."

What sense would it make to trade him? The Bears only were able to leverage Jones to swap second round when they traded him. Now he's got two additional years of wear and tear. The Jets aren't getting anything in return.

Backfield depth is one of the best assets the team has. The three headed running back rotation is going to be a huge asset for Mark Sanchez. I don't think I'd deal Jones for anything less than an impact receiver, something that could also help Sanchez. I'm not talking about a decent starter. I don't want a marginal upgrade over Chansi Stuckey. I mean an impact guy like Braylon Edwards if Eric Mangini wants to continue to import old Jets to Cleveland. That doesn't seem too likely so I'd prefer the Jets just keep TJ.

What would you want in exchange for Thomas Jones?