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Tony Richardson Mentors Jehuu Caulcrick

Kyle Richardson talks about Tony Richardson's relationship mentoring young Jehuu Caulcrick.

Fullbacks must work hard to block for the running backs, as the first ones to take a pounding from the defense. The 6’0", 250-pound Caulcrick is learning valuable career lessons from one of the best FBs of all-time in T-Rich.

"We spent a lot of time together," Richardson said. "It started last year and carried over to this year. We work out together when we can, spend a lot of time just talking about concepts."

"It’s been awesome. He’s been a real professional, a great guy," said Caulcrick. "He’s helped me out a lot, and not just him — Thomas Jones, Leon Washington and Coach [Anthony] Lynn. Everyone’s been putting in a great effort in helping us. But T-Rich has been really outgoing, more than he has to, to help me out."

Like a lot of Jets players, the former Michigan State Spartan is looking forward to his opportunity to hit someone other than his teammates in a game situation. He expects to get a lot of playing time, although because of the nature of the NFL and the uncertainty that surrounds each week, he’s not sure what kind of minutes he will actually get.

Richardson is 37 years old. He's probably not going to be around too much longer. Caulcrick is probably going to have a shot to take the starting job once Richardson retires. The more Tony can impart on young Caulcrick, the better.  For a young fullback, there is no better mentor.