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Jets Are Not Shopping RB Thomas Jones Around

Dispelling a rumor on, the Star-Ledger is reporting that the New York Jets are NOT shopping veteran running back Thomas Jones around. This is according to an unnamed, inside source. posted the rumor last night claiming the Jets had placed a call to an NFC West team in order to gauge trade interest.

The Star-Ledger report, however, was not all roses.

The stellar play of rookie Shonn Greene in training camp thus far could make Jones expendable, but the Jets are standing pat right now with the trio of Jones, Greene and Leon Washington.

With the Jets apparently ready to reward Washington with a new contract, there are concerns Jones could become a problem. He reported to camp on time but has refused to address his contract.

I really hope Jones does not turn into a problem for this team now. It would really ruin my perception of him as a professional. I like the direction this team is headed with their backfield (minus contract disputes mind you) and would hate to see Thomas cause this to fail on any level.

Having said that, I think he will do the right thing, having so far conducted himself in a very professional manner during training camp and simply refusing to talk about the dispute. He has opted to concentrate on football, which is very good, even if only to try and be attractive to another team next season.

I have a feeling he won't be around for us, come next season.

Xander Diaz is Editor-In-Chief at