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Quarterbacks Playing Underwhelming Football

Jane McManus says the quarterbacks haven't done much since last week's scrimmage.


Sanchez vs. Clemens: Mark Sanchez looked great when I was up there for the Green & White scrimmage, but has been mediocre since. The problem with that is that is that Kellen Clemens hasn’t bumrushed him. One of the QBs needs to start looking good enough consistently to give the Jets the person they need in that position.

This isn’t something to take lightly. The first preseason game of the year is this Friday against the Rams and the Jets need Clemens or Sanchez to start inspiring confidence that they can lead this team.


I'm not sure I agree that this is major cause for concern. Sanchez is only a rookie. This is part of his development. There are going to be bumps in the road. He's not going to come in and immediately look like Peyton Manning. The important thing is he has shown flashes of his tremendous upside. As he gets more comfortable with the playbook and the speed and complexity of the pro game, these bad days will become much less frequent. As a novice, he's shown big things. That's something to build on.