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Bringing you all of the day's developments from Cortland, it's Smartline. Here's your host, Kent Brockman.

Kris Jenkins Update- NY Daily News
We can all breathe a bit easier. Kris Jenkins' injury is only a strained calf. He will only be out a few days. Isn't it strange to get actual injury information from the Jets?

Rex Ryan transcript, Aug. 1 - Jets Blog
Rex offers some tidbits. Danny Woodhead was out with a head injury. He's got an uphill battle to make the roster so this doesn't bode well. He needs to get on the field and impress somebody because he wouldn't make the team right now. Shonn Greene had a bit of a rough day but was resilient. He also mentions the edge Clemens has in the quarterback competition, knowing the system.

Teammates Welcome Washington's Return : New York Jets News
Leon's teammates are thrilled to have him in camp. I think everybody's tired of spoiled athletes who complain about their contract and abandon their teams. Shouldn't guys like Washington who avoid holding out get rewarded? Everybody knows he should get a new contract, but he didn't leave his teammates behind.

Leonhard (2 INTs) Triggers D's Turnaround
Jim Leonhard was a real ballhawk today. Eric Smith's strong performance during OTA's might force Leonhard to step up a bit like this to maintain his hold on the starting job. Healthy competition is not a bad thing.

Video: Kerry Rhodes Mad At Madden 2010 | Holy Joe Namath
Apparently Madden didn't do its homework when it came to Kerry Rhodes. Rhodes, a high school quarterback, should rate higher than 21 on his throwing ability.