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Revis the Returner?

Our friend Brian Bassett is in Cortland and has an interesting tidbit on Darrelle Revis.

Returner Revis? — I know he was a great collegiate punt returner, but I have to wonder about what the team is thinking when they are using Revis on return duties … even in camp. For a very expensive shutdown corner, this is not the way you want to use him … EVER. One freak footplant or hit and his season could be over … it’s just not worth the risks.

I'll second that. Revis' most important job by far is playing corner. I get that you want to experiment in camp. Maybe you catch lightning in a bottle. I still have trouble with this. The Jets are full of quality return men. They are so deep that they let Justin Miller, a Pro Bowl one, walk a year ago. They don't need to expose Revis.

Anybody remember Jason Sehorn?