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"Swaggerlicious" Is Not Just Tough Talk…It’s A Breath Of Fresh Air.

Recently I’ve noticed that there are many who have expressed some disdain towards new New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his "swaggerlicious" brand.

"I’ll be honest and say that I’m completely unimpressed by what I’ve heard from Rex Ryan thus far. He comes off to me as an arrogant SOB who likes to run his mouth – traits you do not want in a head coach, if you ask me."- Matty I. – The

"Someone please remind me but, what has Ocho Rexo won exactly as a head coach? Waiting … waiting.  Ah, yes, nothing." – Mike Freeman - National Columnist

Now I can’t speak for all Jets fans but I can’t disagree more with this sentiment. Rex Ryan’s swagger and bravado is exactly the kind of attitude this club has been needing for way too long. The right amount of attitude and ego can do wonders for a team and the Jets have been lacking in this department since Bill Parcels left town.


There is no debating the lack of a "winning" attitude over at Jets camp. The mentality there has been "same old Jets" for almost as long as I can remember. Losing, ineptitude-ism, poor performance and poor decision making have been so ingrained into the fabric of this organization that no one so much as blinks at it anymore. In fact, equating the Jets to negativity has become just like blinking…you don’t think about it, you just do it.

This fan is absolutely tired of it. I have been waiting for years for someone to come to town and start swinging. Someone who would stand up and say, "We are NOT losers! We can and WILL win…NOW! Not tomorrow." Rex is a breath of fresh air for a town who has been to scared to take a deep breath.

Now Rex has come to town and he has been swinging at everyone and everything. He has managed to challenge just about everyone since he assumed the role of HC. The Division, The Patriots, Channing Crowder

People seem to be losing their minds over this. "Oh great…let’s just give them locker room, bulletin board material!"

So what? No one believes this team has a chance anyway…not that this is any different than any other year…so does it really make a difference if Crowder gets a little miffed? Am I supposed to somehow feel better about losing to Belichick just because Coach Ryan didn’t say something to upset the ‘great one’?

Instead of worrying about whether or not Channing Crowder or Bill Belichick  gets upset over the things coach Ryan says, how about we worry about whether or not it is having the right effect on our players?

Think I care what is going on in Dolphins camp if my guys are feeling great and flying around the ball, looking very much like a squad to be reckoned with?

What exactly is the head coach supposed to say anyway…"We sucked before, we will suck even more now and when I’m done with this team, we will suck harder than any other team you have ever seen suck before!"

You keep the trash talking coming Rex. You do and say whatever you need to to get our guys playing for you here in NY like they did for you in Baltimore.

I'll support ya...even if no one else will.


Xander Diaz is Editor-In-Chief at