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Sanchez Second on Depth Chart

Mark Sanchez is opening camp second on the depth chart.

It's an open competition at quarterback for the Jets, but Rex Ryan yesterday said that Kellen Clemens -- not No. 1 pick Mark Sanchez -- will begin training camp No. 1 on the depth chart.

"Clemens will be No. 1 and Sanchez will be two, but obviously we're going to give Sanchez a chance to be with the ones [starters] as well," Ryan said. "Obviously Mark is going to be given an opportunity to win this job."


The Jets aren't just going to hand Sanchez the starting job based on a few offseason practices. That would be crazy. He'll need to prove he's at least somewhat ready during camp and the preseason. With that said, he'll be the Week 1 starter unless he gets hurt or just falls flat on his face.