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Leon Washington Contract Talks Hit ‘Stalemate’

The Star Ledger is reporting that things are not going so good with negotiations between the New York Jets and star running back Leon Washington.

Alvin Keel, Washington’s agent, was reported to have commented in an email "Don’t have much new to report."

The day is just getting started so lets all hope that things loosen up and a deal gets done here.

This situation can snowball very quickly into something no Jets fan is going to want to see. With Thomas Jones also a hold out threat over contract negotiations, we are in danger of quickly going from an extremely favorable backfield situation to a virtual disaster.

While Shonn Greene seems poised to do great things as a bruising back, the stated game plan requires the Jets get at a minimum one of the two current hold outs signed and underway. Sooner rather than later.

With Jones on the wrong side of 30 and his ability to produce the numbers he did last season in serious question, getting Washington signed and ready to compliment Shonn Greene is becoming more and more vital with each passing day.

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