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Leon Washington’s Agent To Meet With Jets GM

The New York Daily News reported last night that Alvin Keels, agent for disgruntled running back Leon Washington, is coming up from his Virginia base to meet with New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

This could be a good sign for Jets fans anxious to see Washington signed in time for the start of camp on Friday. Typically a face-to-face meet like this would indicate a deal is near completion and the final details are being hammered out.

Of course, it could also be an indicator of a last ditched effort by all parties to get something done before Leon becomes a camp hold out. I think it’s clear no one, Jets fans least of all, wants to see this negotiation drag out through the preseason.

To quote Rich Cimini on the subject;

…if the Jets let this go until the regular season, and Washington has to play for his current salary ($535,000) … well, that would be wrong. I think the Jets know that, too.

I really hope the Jets get this deal done. I think keeping such a dynamic and electrifying player like Leon happy is extremely important. I think most of us know what kind of a drag it can be when you’re not happy at work. We all want this guy going out there happy and ready to kill it.

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