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The Great Debate: Mark Sanchez vs. Kellen Clemens

Our friends at Holy Joe Namath held a panel discussion today asking some Jets fans to settle the score on the starting quarterback. Xander and I both participated.

Xander wants Sanchez under center from day one.

For me the answer to this question is very easy. Mark Sanchez all the way. I realize Kellen Clemens has a few advantages over Sanchez. He’s played as the starter in an actual professional football game, he’s been under Schottenheimer’s system for some years now and, unlike Sanchez, Kellen had the benefit of a full season under the tutelage of a bona-fide NFL, super star, future HOF QB in Brett Favre. My biggest problem with Kellen is that he couldn’t beat out a guy we gladly ran out of town. To now exalt him to ‘face of the franchise’ status simply makes no sense to me. 

Clemens is my choice right now.

Sanchez has the weight of the world on his shoulders. People are expecting big things right away and will be disappointed if that doesn’t happen. With so few starts in college, he is still learning the fundamentals of the position. He doesn’t have enough reps at game speed to be ready for NFL defenses right off the bat. I think it’s best to let him sit for a bit, work in practice, and see what Clemens can do with a running game and offensive line.

For what it's worth, I think Xander and Rex Ryan think alike. I'm expecting Sanchez to be the starter.

Be sure to click over to HJN to see the entire discussion. It's a great read.