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Rodney Harrison Calls Out Rex Ryan And The New York Jets

Yesterday former New England Patriot, Pro Bowl safety Rodney Harrison took 5 questions from the New York Post. Fully 3 out of the 5 were about the New York Jets and apparently gave Rodney plenty to talk about.

Harrison, when questioned on how smart head coach Rex Ryan’s decision to call out the New England Patriots was, stated he didn’t know just how smart of a head coach Ryan will be.

Harrison also threw salt on old wounds for Jets fans by stating;

"But let’s be honest, the Patriots have really dominated the Jets."

While I could have lived without the jabs, he did make a good point about how much pressure Ryan’s actions have added to an already pressure filled situation.

As much as I have touted "Brag-O-Saurus" Rex around here I can’t over look the enormous pressure that this style of bravado brings with it. This was a pressure cooker situation for Ryan the moment he accepted the position and his style and manner most certainly only added more.

I’ll admit, watching him in interviews and press conferences, Ryan appears to have a good handle on not actually feeling any of it. I also don’t think we should go around shaking in our boots at the mention of the Patriots. What happened in the past is just that…old news. This is a new year with an entirely new outlook and just like the Giants & Brett Favre have shown us, Tom Brady and company are not unbeatable.

Harrison was also questioned about the disgruntled runningbacks situation, chastising backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington in response.

"…I’ve always said don’t sign a contract if you don’t want to play it out. Even if you outperform your contract, you have to understand that. It’s definitely a distraction."

I’m probably going to be in the minority on this one but….I kinda agree on that one. While I kinda understand why they are trying for more, I still feel like a contract is a contract.

Harrison did throw Jets fans a bit of a bone by agreeing that the Jets did the right thing by signing rookie QB Mark Sanchez early and getting it behind them before camp. There is little doubt that Sanchez needs to have his head focused on football, the road ahead and not on contracts, agents and negotiations.

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