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Michael Vick or Kellen Clemens: Who Is The Better Backup QB Option?

Recently, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson shot down the idea of the team picking up Michael Vick should he be available.

"We’ve got Kellen Clemens and now we have the young Mark Sanchez. I think we’re good on quarterbacks." – NY Jets Owner Woody Johnson

Yes, we have Kellen Clemens at the ready to back up young Mark Sanchez, but is he the best option?

I hate to beat up on the man but lets face it, if Sanchez goes down and we have to depend on Clemens or Ainge for the rest of the season, you will most likely hear the collective groan from the tri-state area all the way in Timbuktu.

Obvious, a lot has to happen for Vick to even be an option but assuming he meets all requirements and is allowed to play, I can’t think of a better option as back up than Michael Vick.

It is true that he hasn’t played in a game since 2006, but at only 29 years of age Michael still has some good tread left on the old tires. I’m not saying he will be the same Vick we all thought we knew and loved but I’m betting he’s still got plenty in the tank.

Try not to forget that before all this drama, Vick was easily one of the most dynamic and electrifying players in the entire league.

As Michael Irvin recently put it,

"Michael Vick was 10 steps ahead of every quarterback when it came to running the ball. Maybe now he’s only three steps ahead…"

Just imagine what that wildcat formation would look like with Vick in the line up.

I’m not in any way proposing that he come in and some how supplant Sanchez…Sanchez is our future. This I truly believe, but I see having Vick standing behind the youngster with a clipboard as a way more comforting thought than seeing Clemens in the same position.

As long as Vick and Sanchez only talk football…hate to see the kid get mixed up in some cock fighting operation or something.

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