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Rex Talks Receivers

Rex Ryan displayed outward confidence in the receiver situation yesterday.

I asked what he thought about the competition for the second wide reciever slot and Ryan extolled the virtues of Chansi Stuckey, Brad Smith, David Clowney and Wallace Wright, but then made this statement.

"And I think they’ll be a surprise coming out as receiver as well," Ryan said.

Really? Someone currently on the roster?

"Currently on the roster, we’ll see," Ryan said. "I could be wrong, that’s why I’m not going to say the name right now in case he can’t catch when the pads are on, we don’t want him."

Give this regime one thing. It stays on message and makes you think they're totally confident with everybody on the roster. Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff were a great tandem. Eric Smith is Ed Reed. Vernon Gholston is Terrell Suggs. Now this.

The last part is interesting. It sure sounds like like the Jets have changed somebody's position to receiver like they did moving Kareem Brown to tight end. It will be interesting to find out the player in question. It is probably somebody with some impressive natural physical tools. My guess would be a guy with lots of speed. You couldn't really judge a player who has never played the position on technical skills like route running or hands. It has to be raw ability.

Three candidates who stand out are Ahmad Carroll, Marquice Cole, and Danny Woodhead. All three of these guys have timed 40 yard dashes under 4.4. They would also be logical position changes since none is likely to make much of a splash on the depth chart at their current spots.