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New York Jets Have No Interest in Michael Vick


On the day Michael Vick completed his 23-month federal dogfighting sentence, both Giants and Jets ownership said they have no interest in bringing the suspended NFL quarterback aboard.

"On a lot of levels, no," Giants co-owner and CEO John Mara said Monday, as the NJ Transit rail service to the Meadowlands was launched.

"No, there's no interest that we have," Jets owner Woody Johnson said. "We've got Kellen Clemens and now we have the young Mark Sanchez. I think we're good on quarterbacks."

No real surprise here. If you're trying to sell PSL's, you're not going to take a PR hit like this would be, especially months after acquiring a new franchise player who plays the same position. Vick would have some value as a gadget player, but I don't get the impression he would be interested in playing that role with the Jets. The team sure isn't going to do anything that would affect Mark Sanchez's playing time to make room for him.

Best to steer clear of this three ring circus.