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Hate Week: Brad Butler, Most Hated Bill

The Bills aren't as easy to hate as the Dolphins and Pats for Jets fans. If we're talking about historical players, O.J. Simpson comes to mind as a guy nobody likes. As far as current players go, it's harder to pick. Terrell Owens would be an easy choice, but he hasn't even played his first game in Buffalo. My choice is Brad Butler.

Butler played right tackle for the University of Virginia when D'Brickashaw Ferguson started at left tackle. During a 2005 game at Boston College, Butler delivered one of the biggest cheap shots of the decade in football.

But Brad Butler's hit to the back of the knees of Boston College all-American Mathias Kiwanuka well after the whistle angered the No. 18 Eagles and spurred them to a 28-17 comeback victory in front of a sparse crowd of 35,280 at Alumni Stadium.

Kiwanuka was injured at the time. Butler tried to injure him even worse outside the context of the game when Kiwanuka was exposed and looking in the other direction. Kiwanuka took a swing at Butler later and was ejected. Butler started dancing around celebrating. It's one thing to attack a player's weakness and get under his skin during the game. It's another to intentionally try and injure somebody once the play is over. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video of this. It's one of the worst cheap shots you'll ever see. Butler could have ended Kiwanuka's career.

Tell me what you think. Was this worse than T.O.'s team destroying antics, or am I a biased BC alum?