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Plenty of Tickets Still Available

If you're in good financial shape during this recession, you may finally have the chance to land Jets season tickets:

The Jets sent an e-mail to "waiting list" members Tuesday informing them of ticket availability at all levels for the upcoming season. It’s the final campaign at Giants Stadium before the team moves next door to a $1.6 billion replacement.

"There are 5 million Jets fans out there just in the New York metropolitan area, but most think it’s virtually impossible to buy season tickets," team executive Matt Higgins said. "Due to the economy and the transition to the new stadium, we want to get the word out that there is a small window where a few thousand tickets will be available. We will sell out, but this is an opportunity."

Jets fans snapping up the available tickets won’t have long to wait to get into their seats — the NFL team’s preseason home games are Aug. 14 and Sept. 3, with the regular-season home opener Sept. 20 versus New England. Fans buying tickets for the eight regular-season home games must purchase the same seats for the two preseason games at the same price.

This doesn't bode well for PSL sales. If the Jets can't sell tickets to the old stadium, no way are they having much luck getting people to buy the rights to buy a seat at the new one. On the one hand, I'm kind of happy to see this fail. PSL's are really a ripoff. Imagine going to a deli and being told you have to pay $10 for the right to buy a $5 sandwich and then pay the $5 for the actual sandwich. It's the same concept here. On the other hand, financial bad news for the Jets is financial bad news for the fans. If the team doesn't have money, it means cutbacks on the field and off.