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Jets Say Good Night To Veteran TE Bubba Franks

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Well it seems that the Jets feel Dustin Keller is their man. In a some what surprising move, the team has released veteran tight end Bubba Franks.

The move is only surprising in that the Jets were already looking rather thin at the position in terms of a blocking tight end. Franks did little, play wise, last season to warrant his stay.

Franks caught six passes for 47 yards in eight games after signing with the team last season. He started only four games. Franks missed eight games last season due to a hip injury and was unable to participate in this offseason’s activities because of a knee injury.

So this leaves the Jets with Dustin Keller, J’Nathan Bullock and Jack Simmons as the only tight ends on the roster. I’m hoping this means J’Nathan or Simmons have really stepped up their games.

Only time will tell.

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