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FOX on QB Battles

FOX Sports' website talks about the quarterback training camp battles in the NFL in 2009.

New York Jets - Mark Sanchez vs. Kellen Clemens - Last year, the Jets had a 38-year-old QB (Favre); this year, they probably will rely on a 22-year-old QB (Sanchez). The Jets traded up to get the Southern Cal product with the fifth pick in the draft, but new coach Rex Ryan has promised Clemens that he'll get a shot, too.

Ryan may have promised Clemens a chance in public, but I'm standing by the theory Sanchez has the job locked up unless he falls on his face. If the Jets thought Clemens was the answer at quarterback, they wouldn't have traded up to get Sanchez.  Why go to a placeholder when you could start getting the $50 million man experience?