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Potential Financial Issues?

Take a look at a thread from the message board at

So, I received an email this morning from the Jets, inviting me to purchase season tickets for the upcoming season. Last time I checked I was #10,000+ in line (been on the list for like 2 years or so). I logged in and was presented with choices on all levels and up to 10 tickets. Have so many season ticket holders dropped out?
I woke up this morning to an email that my name has come up on the season ticket list and I am eligible to buy tickets. I have only been on the list for a little over a year so I was surprised to get this email. I have a question for people. If I get tickets this year would I be able to carry those over to the following years or am I going to get booted because people with more seniority will move into my seats. (I do not want to pay PSL's)
I am in the 8000's too and got the email today as well. There are still a lot of open seats and I think they are going to be hard pressed to sell out. I am passing just like a lot of others I'm sure.

You have to assume the spending of the past two offseasons has been due to a projected financial windfall from the new stadium. The situation as tenant to the Giants hasn't been a great deal for the Jets from a business sense. You wonder what the near future holds for the team if things don't pick up. We already saw employees take an unpaid leave a few months ago. The NFL can probably bail out any franchise so I wouldn't worry about the team going under or anything, but the days of big spending could be over for a while if things don't change on the ticket front.