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Clemens Lapping Sanchez

So says Cimini:

Kellen Clemens vs. Mark Sanchez. Through 11 OTA practices, Clemens is clearly ahead of the Golden Boy. Sanchez looked lost at the beginning, but he came on last week, demonstrating a better grasp of the offense. No one is going to win or lose the starting job in this minicamp, but Sanchez can close the gap with a strong performance.

It's hard to get an accurate read on the quarterbacks in a controlled environment; the real evaluation will start in the pre-season games. The organization wants Sanchez to win the job, but Ryan is in a win-now mode and he's not going to throw away 2009 and put Sanchez on the field if he's not ready. The interesting question is this: Will O.C. Brian Schottenheimer scale back his offense to make it Sanchez-friendly? Believe me, some players are wondering that.

At this point, Sanchez is drinking water out of a fire hose. He is getting a lot thrown at him, faster and more complicated defenses than he has ever seen and a playbook he is learning on the fly. He should be behind at this point. Clemens has real game experience and three years in the system.

Mark should start to get more and more comfortable through the summer. Given how much the Jets have invested in him, they want him to start as soon as possible.