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Can the Jets Support a Rookie Passer?

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News argues the Lions would be foolish to throw Matt Stafford to the wolves right out of the gate.

  • The defense. Flacco also had the benefit of leaning on an elite Ravens defense, turning his rookie year into great team success. The takeaway-happy defense got more dominant under Rex Ryan. As for the Lions' defense, it allowed the NFL's most rushing yards, points and total yards last year. It also produced an NFL-low four interceptions.
  • The Jets come out looking a lot better by using this formula than the Lions do. I think it is easy to overuse comparisons to the Ravens because of Rex Ryan. The Jets and Baltimore are two different teams. Still, the Flacco model could apply here. The team has a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, and the head coach has learned from some of the smartest defensive coaches in the game. The team's success is probably going to be based on defense and ball control. I might argue this would have been a better formula for the 2008 Jets the way Brett Favre struggled down the stretch.

    Sanchez quite possibly could have a top defense and a running game that will give him a lot of eight man fronts. It is not a normal set up for a rookie savior.