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Around the AFC East, Week 3: Buffalo Rumblings

Brian from Buffalo Rumblings fielded a question about his team's long search for a quarterback.

Two years ago at this time, a lot of Bills fans were confident J.P. Losman was their quarterback of the future. The same is true of Trent Edwards today. In what ways are Losman's progress prior to 2007 similar to Edwards' prior to 2009. What makes you think things will turn out differently? (From John B)

Firstly, I feel that it's important to mention that there is a lot more positive fan sentiment behind Edwards than there was behind Losman.  Edwards has struggled, but when you watch him, there seems to be a better sense of "yeah, this kid can go places"; fewer people were saying that about Losman.

It's difficult to compare Edwards to Losman simply because they're two completely different human beings.  Losman was fiery, a bit cocky, supremely talented, and let emotions get to him pretty frequently.  Edwards isn't as talented, but he's a better leader, a more personable guy in the locker room, calmer under pressure, and as a result, his pro prosects are far brighter than Losman's ever were.  In terms of their progress, I guess you would say that they had different forms of progress - Edwards won over a locker room, while Losman improved statistically in 2006.

There isn't any evidence - besides your typical character-based traits, which I just mentioned - that Edwards will turn out any better than Losman.  There was a lot to like about Losman, particularly after the 2006 season, but it turns out he just didn't have the mental makeup to overcome several challenges as an NFL quarterback, particularly a challenge for playing time from a hotshot rookie out of Stanford.  Edwards is advanced in the mental department for a kid his age.  As long as he plays with confidence, becomes assertive, and leads his team, we think - and "think" is such a scary word when talking about young quarterbacks - that Edwards' natural talents will take over and he'll be fine.

Thanks to Brian for taking the question. Go to Buffalo Rumblings for more AFC East talk.