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Rex Continues to Anger Miami

Miami linebacker Akin Ayodele is the latest Dolphin to go after Rex Ryan.

The entertaining war of words through the media lasted several rounds, starting with Ryan saying he wasn't intimidated by New England (or the rest of the division) and Crowder responding that Ryan was the "OTA Super Bowl winner." Ayodele, who plays alongside Crowder at inside linebacker, said he knew he would have "some funny stuff to say."

"That's the wrong person to get in a bickering war with, because he can talk all day -- that's Crowder," Ayodele said. "If he's going to be our voice, then we support him, understanding that I've been in the league a while, and I've just never seen a head coach get into a bickering war with a player. It was kind of immature if you're a head coach."


What Ryan said, or was interpreted to have said, only helps fuel their mission within the division.

"I think us having won the division, coming in as the division winners, and them saying the division goes through (New England), it's a little disrespect," Fasano said. "But that's what this time of year is for, and that's all going to get settled on Sundays."

I get why the Dolphins are playing the Rodney Dangerfield card, but the fact of the matter is the Pats have absolutely dominated the division this decade. Losing the AFC East once by a tiebreaker with their backup quarterback doesn't change that.

What does any of this really mean? Not a whole lot by my estimation. These are professionals. They're plenty motivated to win as it is. A little trash talking probably just makes a win a bit sweeter and a loss a bit tougher to swallow.

Ryan being immature for getting into a war of words but Crowder isn't for starting said war is an interesting distinction here by Ayodele.