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Rex Overcame Dyslexia

Rex Ryan has faced dyslexia:

"I remember skipping school when I was a kid all the time. . . . I was embarrassed. How come I was struggling? I'd get a spelling test and it was ridiculous. I couldn't even get in the ballpark. So that was really frustrating."

Ryan has difficulty retain information when in black and white, however, color helps. To help himself, he color-codes everything.

Ryan said he's happy to spread the word about dyslexia in hopes that his dealings with it will help others who have it.

"If you have dyslexia, you can still reach your goals," he said. "And understand, it'll be a negative, no question, it's a challenge. But if you overcome it, you can do some great things, so don't let it get in your way.

"It was never easy. But it's funny because I had this weakness but I had other gifts. That's probably why I'm sitting in this chair now."

He couldn't have a better platform to show people who battle this affliction they can beat it and be successful.