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Does Clemens Even Have a Chance to Win the Starting Job?

Even if Kellen Clemens lights up camp and the preseason, can he possibly win the starting job without Mark Sanchez stumbling? I vote no. Here's why:

-Sanchez is the face of the franchise. He has a $50 million contract and is already appearing front and center in the team's marketing campaign.

-Starting in New York as a rookie is a tall order, but you have to be impressed with Sanchez's makeup so far. He seems capable of handling it.

-The fans love the rookie and want to see him in action.

-If the Jets really thought Clemens could play, they wouldn't have traded up for Sanchez.

-Rex Ryan saw last year a team can have success with a rookie quarterback. He actually endorsed starting Joe Flacco in Baltimore before a lot of the other decision-makers there.

-Ryan's a confident/cocky guy. He thinks his defense is good enough to carry a rookie. Heck, he would relish the challenge.

Unless Sanchez shows himself to be totally unready, I think he gets the nod from day one. What do you think?