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Represent Jets Fans in a Study on Taunting

I got an e-mail this morning from a man doing research on sports taunting. He was looking to get the perspective of Jets fans. I figure there's no way to get a better answer than asking you. Please help a fellow fan by answering any of these questions honestly in the comments section.

Who do you consider the Jets' biggest rivals?
What teams and specific NFL players do the casual or die-hard Jets fan hate the most?
If you were wanted to taunt players within the Jets’ division, who would be the biggest targets? The rest of the league?
What kind of taunts would sting the casual Jets fan the most—going after the make-up of the fan base, individual players, coach, or the city?
In less than 100 words, best describe the New York fan base.
What are the common stereotypes associated with Jet fans? In what ways are they true/false?